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GoblinTEK Steampunk Pack [v2.4 | ME 3.0.0 READY]


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GoblinTEK pack includes:

  • GoblinTEK Mech (mob or player controlled).
  • GoblinTEK Chopper (mob or player controlled).
  • Goblin Engineer.
  • GoblinTEK Redstone Core, Helmet and Wrench items.

This pack requires MYTHICMOBS 5.0.0+ and MODELENGINE R2.4.0+ ! (mmoitems setup included in separate RAR)

PaperMC is required or a fork of it like PurPurClip 

(I don’t guarantee functionality on SpigotMC, Magma, Mohist, or other hybrid server types. Purchase and use at your own discretion)