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Headless Horseman


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This pack includes:

Dullahan the headless horseman
Halloween themed boss arena schematic
1 weapon
1 trophy
Loot chest with key
All skill models
Mythicmob files
Custom sounds
BOTH ItemsAdder and Modelengine configs

Special behavior and abilities:

Huge AOE damage
Hard to escape
Jumps at target
Detects targets behind and horse kicks
Paralyse single target and black screens
Throws head that spreads fear and follows targets
Several single and multi-target slashes
Crowd fear, players lose control
Decapitates any target under 10 hp, forces players to drop heads
Upon decapitating, gains large damage boost
Charges with his horse, knocking and damaging all near
Drops key upon death

Dullahan chest:
Right click on chest with key to open

-Mythic Mobs
– ProtocolLib
– Modelengine or ItemsAdder