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Journey Of The Skies (AirShips)


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This pack includes:
Heavy airship model
Medium airship model
Small airship model
Pilot hat cosmetic
Functional winchester rifle
Functional revolver
3 ammo models
3 fuel cell models
3 repair kit models
Functional parachute
All skill models
MythicMobs configs
Custom sounds

Special behaviors and abilities:
Fuel system:
-the faster you go the more it consumes
-doesn’t consume only if docked
-descends until crash if out of fuel

-all weapons have to be reloaded
-each weapon has different cooldown
-the ammo count is for each weapon separately

– left click to deploy in mid air

– require gunpowder to reload with left click
– shoot with right click

Heavy airship:
1 pilot, 2 gunners, 1 bomb bay, 1 big bertha seats
Pilot has a harpoon weapon which stops other airships

Medium airship:
1 pilot, 2 gunners
Pilot has a harpoon weapon which stops other airships
Consumes less fuel than heavy airship
Has less HP than heavy airship

Small airship:
1 pilot, 1 passenger
Consumes the least fuel
Has the least HP

-Mythic Mobs Premium
– ProtocolLib
– Modelengine
– Crucible