Most of my models focus on Keeping the Minecraft vanilla style but with an improved base model. This allows it to be compatible with any server out there

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MexBot’s Shattered Armor and Weapon Pack (Custom Armor without Optifine)

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This Pack includes

✅Shattered Sword Model (Molten,Ender,Frostrune & Atlantean Skin)
✅ Shattered Greatsword Model (Molten,Ender,Frostrune & Atlantean Skin)

✅Shattered Axe Model (Molten,Ender,Frostrune & Atlantean Skin)
✅ Shattered Shield Model (with block animation) (Molten,Ender,Frostrune & Atlantean Skin)

✅Shattered Armor Set (Helmet,Chest,Leggings,Boots) (Molten,Ender,Frostrune & Atlantean Skin) (you dont need optifine :D)

✅ Fully Animated Textures

✅ Optifine Emissive Textures (with block animation)✅ Basic Preconfig for MMOItems & MythicMobs (in case you got this plugins but you dont need them


This pack works with most custom armor plugins like MMOItems, Oraxen or EcoArmor.

Nothing :D, but if you want you can use this plugins

✅Minecraft Optifine (For emissive textures only, armor still works without optifine)
✅ MythicMobs (Optional)

✅MMOItems (optional)