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Ninja Pack

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The Ninja Pack comes with 2 mobs, 2 bosses, and 3 weapons with skills. Fight the ninjas and acquire the samurai’s katana!

This pack contains:

  • Raven (Mob)
  • Ninja (Mob): 2 Melee Attacks, 2 Skills
  • Dojo Guardian (Boss): 1 Basic Attack, 2 Skills
  • Samurai Panda (Boss): 3 Katana Attacks, 2 Skills
  • Stone Erosion (Skill Model)
  • Katana Slash (Skill Model)
  • Shuriken (Weapon Model/MythicCrucible Throwable Weapon): 1 Skill (Shuriken Throw)
  • Kunai (Weapon Model/MythicCrucible Throwable Weapon): 1 Skill (Kunai Throw)
  • Samurai’s Katana (Weapon Model/MythicCrucible Weapon): 3 Katana Attacks, 2 Skills
  • 18 custom sound effects


Mob/Boss Skills:


  • Horizontal Kunai Slash
  • Double Kunai Slash
  • Shuriken Throw: The ninja rolls forward and throws 3 shurikens toward the target
  • Kunai Throw: The ninja leaps backward and throws a kunai toward the target

Dojo Guardian:

  • Crunch Attack: The Dojo Guardian bites a nearby target
  • Tail Throw: The Dojo Guardian spins with full force and pushes away nearby targets with his tail
  • Stone Wave: The Dojo Guardian smashes the ground, causing stone erosions that throw targets

Samurai Panda:

  • Horizontal Katana Slash
  • Katana Stab
  • Diagonal Katana Slash
  • Katana Dash: The Samurai Panda dashes forward and slashes the target
  • Ultra Katana Wave: The Samurai Panda sends out waves of slashes toward the target

MythicCrucible is required only if you want to get the weapons to work


Dependencies: ModelEngine, MythicMobs, MythicCrucible (Optional)

Tested on version 1.18.2, ModelEngine (r2.5.1), MythicMobs (5.0.3), MythicCrucible (1.2.0)