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Quetzalcóatl the Feathered Serpent | Boss, Hat, Sword and Schematic


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Boss from RetoLatam.

This pack contains:

  1. Quetzalcóatl model with 14 animations.
  2. Quetzalcóatl Rune, Hat and Feather models.
  3. Mobs.yml and Skills.yml with +600 lines of configuration.
  4. Quetzalcóatl schematic.
  5. Basic CustomModelData setup for Quetzalcóatl hat and feather.
  6. readme.txt (how to install)
  7. Free support.


  1. Spigot/Paper 1.18.2 or 1.19.2
  2. MythicMobs Premium v5.1.4
  3. ModelEngine r2.5.3 or ModelEngine r3.0.1
  4. WorldEdit (to load the .schem)

Extra info

  1. You can change the Damage of attacks easily through Variables.
  2. In skills.yml file the lines of the titles are indicated so that they can be modified.