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The Dragon Monk

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A Full Boss Fight with better FPS and video quality:

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The Dragon Monk has several melee attacks, strong attacks, and skills that he mixes up to create random combos. He summons a dragon spirit when his health gets low, controlling it to perform stronger attacks and new skills. Using MCCosmetics, you can equip the bead necklace and the bracelet of the dragon monk, and even make the dragon spirit spin around you.

Battle Tip: It’s difficult to fight against him within a close range (he performs melee combos with really short intervals). He is a slow walker which makes him vulnerable to projectile attacks, but he runs toward the target to get into a closer range sometimes.

This pack contains:

  • The Dragon Monk – Phase 1 (Boss): 16 animations + 3 modeled & animated skills. Comes with a total of 6 melee attacks, 2 strong attacks, and 3 skills.
  • The Dragon Monk – Phase 2 (Boss): 15 animations + 1 modeled & animated skills. Comes with a total of 6 melee attacks, 1 strong attack, and 3 skills.
  • Yin and Yang Hit Effect (Skill Model)
  • Yin and Yang Ground Pound Effect (Skill Model)
  • Yin and Yang Beam Effect (Skill Model)
  • Stone Model (Skill Model): 3 animations
  • Bead Necklace (Backpack Cosmetic)
  • Dragon Bracelet (Offhand Cosmetic)
  • Dragon Spirit (Modelengine Accessory Cosmetic)
  • Yin and Yang (Modelengine Accessory Cosmetic)
  • MCCosmetics Config
  • 18 custom sound effects
  • Resource pack included

Melee Attacks:

  • Left Ki Punch (Phase 1) / Left Dragon Punch (Phase 2)
  • Right Ki Punch (Phase 1) / Right Dragon Punch (Phase 2)
  • Left Ki Elbow (Phase 1) / Left Dragon Elbow (Phase 2)
  • Right Ki Elbow (Phase 1) / Right Dragon Elbow (Phase 2)
  • Left Ki Kick (Phase 1) / Left Dragon Kick (Phase 2)
  • Right Ki Kick (Phase 1) / Right Dragon Kick (Phase 2)

Strong Attacks:

  • Ki Push (Phase 1) / Dragon Push (Phase 2)
  • Ki Spin Kick (Phase 1)


  • Ki Uppercut (Phase 1): The Dragon Monk uppercuts players and performs a ki punch in-air
  • Stone Throw (Phase 1): The Dragon Monk lifts up a stone and kicks it towards the target
  • Ki Smash (Phase 1): The Dragon Monk smashes the surface, summoning beams of ki around him
  • Dragon Uppercut (Phase 2): The Dragon Spirit uppercuts players and performs a dragon punch in-air
  • Dragon Dash (Phase 2): The Dragon Monk shoots the Dragon Spirit towards the target
  • Dragon Beam (Phase 2): The Dragon Spirit shoots a beam of ki towards the target


Dependencies: ModelEngine, MythicMobs, MCCosmetics

Tested on version 1.18.2, ModelEngine (r2.5.1), MythicMobs (5.0.3), MCCosmetics (0.3.0), Resource pack included