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Esrons Wizard Voice Pack 1 (28 Voice Lines)

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Who doesn’t want a friendly old wizard in their world? This resource pack gives you 28 different voice lines to play with.

🔊 “Cease your endless chatter”

🔊 “Welcome”

🔊 “fascinating”

🔊 Coughing

🔊 “Feel the wrath of my magic”

🔊 “Help me help you”

🔊 “How did you defeat me…”

🔊 “I am no warrior, magic is my weapon”

🔊 “I am the protector of all mankind”

🔊 “I come to cleanse this land”

🔊 “I find your insolence disturbing”

🔊 “I hunger for magic, I feel it clouding my senses”

🔊 “I shall be in my study, do not disturb me”

🔊 “I shall be your ruin!”

🔊 Laugh 1: Funny, over the top.

🔊 Laugh 2: Hearty

🔊 “My time here has ended…”

🔊 “The flows of magic course through my veins”

🔊 “The magic speaks to me, can you hear it?”

🔊 “The winds of magic are elusive”

🔊 “The winds of magic will be my guide”

🔊 “These demons need to be slain”

🔊 “Until my dying breath my magic shall protect you”

🔊 “Victory is ours!”

🔊 “We shall not falter in the face of fear”

🔊 “Well, what are you waiting for?”

🔊 “When the world is in peril, magic protects”

🔊 “You have need of my servcices?”

Resource pack size: 1 mb

You can always delete any voice lines you do not use and the pack gets even smaller.

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