Convert Generic model to Bedrock in Blockbench

Let’s convert a model from Generic format to Bedrock, it’s common to use generic models in Java for entity models (Model Engine for example).


To make it work instantly the generic model can not have mixels (pixels of different sizes).

Step 1: Mark all the cubes

Step 2: Create a texture like this

Step 3: Select resolution

In this tab, select the resolution of the said texture you want to get. It has to be the same as what’s done for global texture otherwise things may get messy (you now surely see the issue with mixels).

Step 3 example

In our example, the resolution to set is 32.

Then click “Confirm”

Step 4: Delete old textures

Now delete the old textures and only keep the new one.

Step 5: Select convert under the “file” tab

Step 6: Choose bedrock model

Step 7: DONE!