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AquaticGliders Bundle | Plugin, Glider Models


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AquaticGliders is a plugin that tries to provide uniqueness. There’s no such plugin at the market so far and I hope that this makes your server special!


  • Glider Models
  • Configurable GUIs
  • ItemsAdder Support
  • HeadDatabase Hook
  • MythicMobs Hook
  • Oraxen Hook
  • EcoItems Hook
  • Custom Model Data Support
  • Hex Colors & Gradients Support
  • Particles System
  • Glider Selection Menu
  • Glider Items (Glider can be activated by an item in player’s inventory)
  • Upgrades (Coming soon)
  • Accessory menu hook (Coming soon)
  • Player Accessory menu hook (Coming soon)
  • And such more…