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Arachnoid pack


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“Updated to ModelEngine R2.3.2

This pack contains 3 mobs with basic animations (idle, walk, attack, death)
with special MythicMobs skills.

A mini-boss with an ultimate skill. After some seconds of preparing floods the area of 10 blocks with web to stun players around.

Fire Spider:
A minion of the boss, with a special skill. After some seconds of preparing, it summons a heatwave of 5 block radius.

Poison Spider:
A minion of the boss, with a simple poison skill.

How to setup:
Put all the bbmodel files into your ModelEngine/Blueprints folder.
Put the arachnoid-skills.yml file to your MythicMobs/Skills folder
Put the arachnoid.yml file to your MythicMobs/Mobs folder.
Type: /mythicmobs reload
Type: /meg reload models
Host the ModelEngine generated texture pack.

License and Usage

You don’t have the right to resell or share this product. You can only use this product on your server only.