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Bee Armor And Tools Pack – Oraxen & HMCCosmetics support


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I have prepared a big package for those who love bees. You can have the complete bee set with cosmetics, armor and tools.

Bee backpack, bee magic wand will be added very soon.

Contact Discord if you want me to add support for other plugins :).


This pack contains

  • Animated Bee Sword
  • Animated Bee Shield
  • Animated Bee Bow
  • Animated Bee Bow2
  • Animated Bee Pickaxe
  • Animated Bee Axe
  • Animated Bee Shovel
  • Animated Bee Hoe
  • Animated Bee Fishing Rod
  • Bee wings
  • Bee 3d hat
  • Bee Helmet
  • Bee Chestplate
  • Bee Leggings
  • Bee Boots
  • Free Oraxen config
  • Free HMCCosmetics config
  • It contains a resource pack file that you can use without requiring any plugins.