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Berserk Rage – RPG Skills


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Add a unique skill to your game! This skill makes you unleash the berserk rage! Charge a powerful attack that consist in 3 slashes and then unleash a powerful slash that moves and creates geysers of lava while damaging enemies! This pack also contains the Berserk Sword, an item that lets you cast the skill without troubles! To get it use the command /mm i get Berserk_Sword If you don’t have MythicCrucible and still wants to test the skill, you can use the command /mm test cast Berserk_Slashes Dependencies: MythicMobs (Premium), MythicCrucible (Optional) Tested on version  1.19.2, MythicMobs 5.2.1 Requirements:

  • You have to be in survival!
  • You have to install the resource pack!

How to install:

  1. Extract the .rar named BerserkRageMM
  2. Place the BerserkRageMM folder in plugins/MythicMobs/Packs/
  3. Install the resource pack “BerserkRageResourcePack.zip”

Join the discord for support/more packs! https://discord.gg/89BtneGGX5