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Dimitrios – Skills & Equipment [v1.2]

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UPDATE [v1.2]

– Added 6 skill icons

– Added MMOCore class file

– Added MMOCore skill files

– Added MythicMobs skill file used for MMOCore

– Changed custom model data numbers so that the resource pack doesn’t overwrite those of other skill packs

– Bug Fixes


Add 7 Custom Skills and 7 Equipment to your game! Dimitrios is an earth-element character that you can become in-game by equipping his armor and weapon, using his earth-type skills.

This pack contains:

  • Axe of Dimitrios (Item Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 6 skills bound
  • Shiny Axe of Dimitrios (Item Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 6 skills bound
  • Head of Dimitrios (Item Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 1 skill bound, Emmissive eyes texture, Inventory Icon
  • Helmet of Dimitrios (Armor Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 1 skill bound, Inventory Icon
  • Chestplate of Dimitrios  (Armor Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 1 skill bound, Inventory Icon
  • Leggings of Dimitrios (Armor Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 1 skill bound, Inventory Icon
  • Boots of Dimitrios (Armor Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 1 skill bound, Inventory Icon
  • Earth Slash (Skill Model)
  • Earth Spike (Skill Model): 2 animations
  • Stone (Skill Model): 3 animations
  • Poison Ivy (Mob): 4 animations
  • Ground Crack (Skill Model)
  • 6 skill icons
  • 15 custom sound effects
  • MythicLib custom skills config
  • MMOCore class & skills config
  • Breaking armor fix for shaders
  • MMOItems & MythicCrucible support
  • ItemsAdder support
  • Emissive skill textures for Optifine & Shaders
  • Instruction on how to get the equipment in-game
  • Resource pack included


  • Passive – Nature Heal (Passive): Dimitrios starts healing when not taken damage for 10 seconds.
  • Basic Attack – Earth Slash (Left): Dimitrios performs a slash attack that has a 20% chance to create a stone erosion beneath the target.
  • Skill 1 – Earth Spikes (Right): Dimitrios sends out a wave of ground spikes that pushes enemies. The rotation of the ground spikes can be changed by yaw and pitch.
  • Skill 2 – Stone Levitation (Shift + Right): Dimitrios lifts up a stone using levitation and throws it towards the direction he slashes his axe at.
  • Skill 3 – Poison Ivy (Shift + Shift): Dimitrios summons a poison ivy which shoots poisonous spikes.
  • Ultimate 1 – Shockwave (Shift + Left): Dimitrios charges and smashes his axe towards the ground, sending out an explosive shockwave.
  • Ultimate 2 – Earthquake (Sprint + Shift + Left): Dimitrios leaps up and smashes down his axe towards the ground, creating a huge explosive earthquake.



Full Pack – Everything above

Equipment Pack – Armor / Weapon models

Skill Pack – Skill models / Sounds / MMOCore config / Skill icons / MythicLib config / MythicMobs config


You only need one of the two – MMOItems OR MythicCrucible to make the Full pack work. You don’t need both of them.

ItemsAdder config is included in all packs.


Dependencies: ModelEngine, MythicMobs

Tested on version 1.18.2, ModelEngine (r2.5.2), MythicMobs (5.1.0-SNAPSHOT), MMOItems (6.7.3), MythicLib (1.3.1), MythicCrucible (1.4.0), MMOCore (1.9.4), Resource pack included