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Dungeon Skeletons Vol 1


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This pack includes:
Skeleton swordsman
Skeleton spearman
Skeleton archer
Skeleton lich boss
Skeleton chest with key
2 shields
3 weapons
Boss skill models
Emissive textures
Mythicmob files
Both ItemsAdder and Modelengine configs

Mob special behaviors and abilities:

Skeleton swordsman:
Slowing slashes
Can block damage

Skeleton spearman:
Piercing armor
Can block damage

Skeleton archer:
Dodges attacks
High mobility
Charged arrow attacks

Skeleton lich boss:
Life leech while immobilizing target
Basic chilling attacks
Buffs self and his minions
Rises skeleton armies
Frost ball chain bouncing between targets

Skeleton chest

Dependencies: Mythic Mobs, LibsDisguise, ProtocolLib, Tested on Minecraft Java
1.18.2,Model Engine