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Elemental Wizard Set


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This pack includes uniquely named and properly organized ItemsAdder and Vanilla Resource Pack Files for easy drag/drop installation! This also includes standard JSON + PNG files for your own installation!

Careful where you aim that!

Wizard Elemental Set is a great pack if you want RPG staves and cosmetics in a cohesive style!

Included in this pack are (scroll down to view Sketchfab):

  • 6 Staff Variants
    • Old Staff, Cyclone Staff, Inferno Staff, Terra Staff, Tempest Staff, and Staff of Serenity
  • 4 Elemental Talisman
    • Cyclone Talisman, Inferno Talisman, Terra Talisman, and Tempest Talisman
  • 2 Mystical Hats
    • Old Wizard Hat and Old Druid Hat


These are purely cosmetic, and do not include abilities. No Optifine Required.