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NaturePets: Sprout

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These mob pack includes uniquely named and properly organized MythicMobs, MCPets, and ModelEngine (Blockbench) files for easy drag/drop installation!

For the helmets/hats I’ve included a drag/drop ItemsAdder config and source JSON + PNG files ONLY – minimal config is required when not using ItemsAdder. No Optifine required when using.

Look at those little logs!

NaturePets: Sprout is a playful one. Designed for survival PvE gameplay, they’ll be sure to help you out along your adventures – complete with vanilla sfx and particles!

The full bundle includes (scroll down to view Sketchfabs!):

  • Sprout (7 Bones) – 1 Interaction Animation: Excited | 4 Base Animations: Idle/Walk/Attack/Death

    • 5 Color Variations: Original, Blossom, Harvest, Elder, Spectral

  • Sprout Rex (8 Bones) – 1 Interaction Animation: Head Scratch | 7 Base Animations: Idle/Walk/Attack/Attack2/Attack3/Battlecry/Death

    • 5 Color Variations: Original, Blossom, Harvest, Elder, Spectral

    • Randomly chooses between 3 attack animations to keep combat fresh, Attack2 will knock the target up

    • Will Battlecry when entering combat, giving itself and it’s owner a 6s Speed I buff

  • Nature Scout Helmet – 5 Color Variations

  • Nature Guardian Helmet – 5 Color Variations

These pets and armors make for great long term challenge rewards, rare drops, monthly items, server donation rewards, or much more!

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