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Fantasy Cosmetics Pack


Sales: 18

New 15 Different pieces of Cosmetics that you guys might like and make your player looks more wonderful : D

  • Cosmetic Adventure Hat
  • Cosmetic Back Cover
  • Cosmetics Backpack
  • Cosmetics Big Backpack
  • Cosmetics Butterfly Wing
  • Cosmetics Carry Rock Backpack
  • Cosmetics Cave Hat
  • Cosmetics Coffee Cup
  • Cosmetics Elf Hat
  • Cosmetics Handy Bag
  • Cosmetics Magic Book
  • Cosmetics Marshmallow Stick
  • Cosmetics Neon Cap
  • Cosmetics Neon Hat
  • Cosmetics Neon Staff

Comes with:

  • ItemsAdder config
  • Blockbench files
  • Raw model and texture files

Emissive work:

  • Don’t need Optifine to glow in the Vanilla version
  • Allow glowing when you put Shader on