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Izzy’s 2021 Mob Vote Mobs

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The 3 Mob Vote Mobs, brought to Minecraft early!

In this Pack, you get

  • Glare Model, with 5 animations
    • Idle, Walk, Hurt, Afraid, Death
  • Allay Model, with 7 animations
    • Idle, Walk, Walk with an Item, Examining Item, Happy, Hurt, Death
  • Copper Golem Model, with 10 animations
    • Idle, Walk, Hurt, Attack A, Attack B, Button Push A, Button Push B, “Tin Man” Walk, Death
  • Simple Mythic Mobs .yml to see the mobs in game
    • Will require more tinkering from you. The AI is extremely simple.
  • Sense of satisfaction for having all three mobs even though Mojang is only adding the Allay
    • Sense of satisfaction is not animated. You’ll have to do that yourself.