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Izzy’s Royalty and Riches


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Izzy’s Royalty and Riches! Show off your great wealth with these regal assets!

This pack includes

  • THIRTY SIX (fhew!) possible Crown textures
  • A gemstone with 4 colors, one of which is greyscale for dying any color you like
  • A metal bar with 3 textures, 2 silver, one gold
  • A royal velvet cape cosmetic, one red, one green, one blue
  • A royal scepter, 2 silver, one gold
  • A royal throne
  • The Eminence’s Blade, a Gold and Steel sword with a ruby embedded into the guard
  • A coin, with 2 silver and 1 gold texture, as well as 3 piles of coins of increasing size
  • A “block of coins” texture. Using this will depend on how you implement custom blocks into your server
  • MC Cosmetics config for the capes and 2 of the 36 crowns as a sample
  • Mythic Crucible config to make the coin piles, gemstones, and throne place able props

The reason for 2 possible silver textures instead of 1 is because nearing the end of development I was informed that Silver is actually lightly green tinted. Instead of discarding the old textures for the new ones, I kept them in the pack in case anybody liked them more!