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Lunar New Year Pets


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Lunar New Years Pets

This package includes all 12 animals associated with the Zodiac Animals of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Each Pet comes with a ModelEngine file, a simple MythicMobs configuration, and an MCPets configuration to go along with it. The pet versions each give a different passive potion effect to its owner, as a simple buff. You may want to balance this for your server!

Rat – Passive Speed Bonus
Ox – Passive Damage Resistance
Tiger – Passive Strength Bonus
Rabbit – Passive Luck Effect
Dragon – Constant Hero of The Village Bonus
Snake – Passive Sneaky Invisibility
Horse – Passive Jump Boost
Goat – Passive Health Boost
Monkey – Passive Fast Digging Bonus
Rooster – Passive Slow Falling
Dog – Passive Health Regeneration
Pig – Passive Saturation Effect