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Medieval Furnitures Pack 01


New 27  Different pieces of furniture come in 3 Different colors to make your place look better! 😀

  • Medieval Table (with carpet and without)
  • Medieval Chair (with carpet and without)
  • Medieval Double Chair (with carpet and without)
  • Medieval Standing Flag
  • Medieval Wall Flag
  • Medieval Carpet
  • Medieval Chest (Open and Closed)
  • Medieval Cupboard
  • Medieval Floating Shelf
  • Medieval Food (5 types of food)
  • Medieval Bucket of Water (With water and without)
  • Medieval Standing Lamp
  • Medieval Wall Lamp
  • Medieval Single Lamp
  • Medieval Barrel with wine
  • Medieval Barrel without wine
  • Medieval Bed
  • Medieval Cart

Comes with:

  • ItemsAdder config
  • Blockbench files
  • Raw model and texture files