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Included in the Megalodon:

    • Megalodon model
    • Megalodon mounted trophy head
    • Megalogon fin, meat and tooth
    • MythicMobs configs
    • Custom sound effects

Special behaviors and abilities:

    • Megalodon is made to work with VOTS, it will instakill players in the water otherwise
    • it will drag ships under water
    • has huge ram and collision damage
    • creates whirlpools under water
    • it’s suggested to have 2 fully occupied frigates to defeat him (can be configured as usual)
    • it catches up to ships very fast
    • can stop the ship on spot
    • suggested fighting area deep ocean, if it’s too shallow he will strand and rip the ships on the seafloor


    • MythicMobs
    • ModelEngine
    • LibsDisguise
    • ProtocolLib

Highly suggested:

Pre-Made Configurations

  • Mythic Mobs drag and drop configs