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A perfect addition to tie your server together with Icon Pack 1 + Icon Pack 2 and the Battle Pass UI!


Included in this Pack:
Jeqo’s Menu Titles (60 total titles)
  • Daily rewards, party, enchantments, main menu, kits, crates, mobile phone, starter guide, jobs, trading, guide, skills, trade offer, quests, tiers, trade, storage, upgrades, shop, backpack, preview, store, vault, furnace, market, pets, crafting, auction house, cosmetics, workbench, marketplace, backpacks, blast furnace, warps, hats, dispenser, player warps, items, dropper, teleporter, server selector, hopper, teleports, games, grindstone, portals, minigames, smoker, friends, gadgets, ender chest, friends list, rewards, brewing stand, profile viewer, information, chest, profile, vote, large chest

Pre-Made Configurations:

  • No plugin config
  • ItemsAdder config
  • Oraxen config

Also Included:

  • Raw Files
  • Installation and Usage Guide
  • Free Support via Discord

All items and armor work with or without Optifine.
This pack is also compatible with other plugins too!