Im a Game Design Student from Switzerland who likes to make low-poly 3D Assets

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MexBot’s Shadow Guardians Boss Pack (MCPets Support)


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This Pack includes

 ✅Shadow Guardian Boss (Model & Boss Config with 3 Abilities)

✅Shadow Knight Boss (Model & Boss Config with 3 Abilities)

✅ Shadow Pawn Minion (Model & Boss Config with 1 Ability)

 ✅ Shadow Star Model

 ✅ Shadowflames Model 


✅Shadow Helmet Model

✅ Shadow Hammer Model

✅ Shadow Axe Model


✅Boss mechanics will show a red circle on the ground in order for players to dodge mechanics
✅ SECRET HARDMODE: players can summon the Shadow Guardian (harder boss) if they kill the Shadow Knight on top of 2 Shadow Stars, this will drop better loot.

✅Emissive textures for optifine
✅Animated Textures

✅ McPets support, all mobs can be summoned and use abilities if u have McPets Plugin installed Features:

  • 3 Summonable Pets with custom abilities and 1 Skin Variant for each (Aetherial Flame Skin)

Requires: ✅Minecraft Paper, ✅ MythicMobs (Free Version) ✅McPets(Free Plugin) ✅ ModelEngine (Paid Plugin)