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Mo’ Cosmetics [v1.2]

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[V.2]  Added MCCosmetics support + edited textures of “chick hat” and “angel ring”

The first Mo’ Cosmetics pack is here, you can get 20 custom modeled cosmetics from this pack.

This pack contains:

  • Chick Hat (Head Slot Cosmetic)
  • Panda Hat (Head Slot Cosmetic)
  • Angel Ring (Head Slot Cosmetic)
  • Angel Wings (Backpack Cosmetic)
  • Demon Horns (Head Slot Cosmetic)
  • Demon Wings (Backpack Cosmetic)
  • Dragon Hat [Green, Red, Blue] (Head Slot Cosmetic)
  • Dragon Wings [Green, Red, Blue] (Backpack Cosmetic)
  • Cyber Glasses [Green, Red, Blue] (Head Slot Cosmetic)
  • Cyber Machine [Green, Red, Blue] (Backpack Cosmetic)
  • Phoenix Wings (Backpack Cosmetic)
  • Mythical Blades (Backpack Cosmetic)
  • Instruction on how to install the pack
  • HMCCosmetics config
  • Resource pack included
  • ItemsAdder config


Dependencies: HMCCosmetics

Tested on version 1.18.2, HMCCosmetics (1.10.3), Resource pack included