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Mo’ Pets 3 – Battle Edition

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Add 5 new pets to your game! These pets do not only follow you around but they fight with you, give you buffs, heal you and give the enemies debuffs – very helpful for PVP and PVE combat systems. For people that want pets to only attack mobs and not other players, two skill files are included – one that enables pets to attack players & mobs, one that only allows pets to attack mobs.

This pack contains:

  • Fire Cat (Pet): 5 animations, including 2 attack animations.
  • Frost Goat (Pet): 4 animations, including 1 attack animation.
  • Healing Flower (Pet): 4 animations, including 1 healing animation.
  • Magnetic Bot (Pet): 4 animations, including 1 skill animation.
  • Speed Rex (Pet): 4 animations, including 1 skill animation.
  • Animated name tags
  • 11 custom sound effects
  • MC Pets config
  • 2 separate skill files (described above)
  • Resource pack included

Pet Skills:

Fire Cat

  • Flame Claw – Attacks the target and sets it on fire

Frost Goat

  • Ice Spikes – Sends a wave of ice spikes and slows the target

Healing Flower

  • Healing Powder – Heals the pet owner when his/her health is below 20

Magnetic Bot

  • Magnet Pull – Creates a magnetic field and pulls nearby enemies towards the pet

Speed Rex

  • Speed Boost – Gives Speed II potion effect to the pet owner for 5 seconds


Dependencies: ModelEngine, MythicMobs, MC Pets

Tested on version 1.17.1, ModelEngine (r2.3.1), MythicMobs (4.14.1), MC Pets (r1.0.0), Resource pack included