I like to stay faithful to Minecraft and keep consistent with its art style, while also adding my own touch. Here you can view all of my asset packs made for Minecraft, I hope you find something you really like. :)

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New Year 2022 Bundle


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Happy New Year! Contains 2 items to stylize your Minecraft game! This bundle includes…

  • Firecracker Bow (Weapon) [3D Model]
  • Golden Glitter Shades (Head Cosmetic) [3D Model]
  • (MythicMobs config files for the above items) (makes the Firecracker Bow shoot massive fireworks and the Golden Glitter Shades equip on left-click)

NOTES: These items are brand new, so they do not replace vanilla! // The 3D models can be used with just vanilla Minecraft (Custom Model Data) // The config files require MythicMobs & MythicCrucible to function but they are completely optional.

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