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NPC Pack Vol 3 [v1.5]

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  • Bard, can play custom music when interacted with, even animates while playing!
  • Jester, entertain with randomized masks and jack in a box!
  • Queen, always happy to deliver a quest to weary travelers!
  • Roman Guard, keeps the streets safe with his trusty steel sword!
  • Lumberjack, big arms and an even bigger beard!
  • Fisherman, catches fish in real-time!

(mythicmobs version 5.0.2/5.0.3 recommended)

PaperMC is required or a fork of it like PurPurClip 

(I don’t guarantee functionality on SpigotMC, Magma, Mohist, or other hybrid server types. Purchase and use at your own discretion)