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RPG Class Series | Reaper


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Add 7 Custom Skills and 2 Equipment to your game!

The Reaper class is a subclass of the Assassin class that focuses on damage.

The Reaper class is a melee physical damager that uses different forms of slash attacks to create various combos.

Pull in your enemies using Reaping Claw, finish them with a Soul Slice – Death Spin combo!


This pack contains:

  • Scythe of Reaper (Item Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 7 skills bound
  • Shiny Scythe of Reaper (Item Model/MMOItem/MythicCrucible): 7 skills bound
  • Soul Slice FX (Skill Model)
  • Soul Wave FX (Skill Model)
  • Death Spin FX (Skill Model)
  • Reaping Claw FX (Skill Model)
  • Soul Scythe FX (Skill Model)
  • God Of Death (Skill Model)
  • Dark Soul Slice FX (Skill Model)
  • Dark Soul Spin FX (Skill Model)
  • 7 skill icons
  • 11 custom sound effects
  • MythicLib custom skills config
  • MMOCore class & skills config
  • MMOItems & MythicCrucible support
  • Emissive skill textures for Optifine
  • Instruction on how to get the equipment in-game
  • Resource pack included
  • ItemsAdder config – Easy Drag & Drop!
  • Oraxen config – Easy Drag & Drop!
  • Skill upgrade function for MMOCore: Upgrade your skill level for higher damage, reduced cooldown, longer duration, etc
    • Ex) Customizable base damage, per-level damage, minimum / maximum damage
  • Party/Guild function:
    • Damages and debuffs only apply to non-party/guild members
    • Heals and buffs only apply to party/guild members



  • Passive – Soul Collector (Passive): You collect a soul every time you use an ability. Every 7th soul collection creates a soul aura that enhances the damage of your next skill and resets the soul gauge.
  • Basic Attack – Soul Slice (Left): Lash out in a series of 4 strikes with the third hit knocking up nearby enemies, and the fourth hit slashing them down, sending out a soul wave.
  • Skill 1 – Death Spin (Right): Unleash spinning slashes while dashing forward.
  • Skill 2 – Reaping Claw (Shift + Shift): Summon a reaping claw that pulls in enemies.
  • Skill 3 – Surge (Shift + Right): Enter ghost mode and rapidly dash to your enemy, lashing out a cross slash that knocks back enemies.
  • Skill 4 – Soul Scythe (Hold Shift): Summon a soul scythe and slash your enemies, draining souls from each enemy and healing yourself.
  • Ultimate – God Of Death (Shift + Left): Transform into God of death for a duration. Casting Soul Slice will lash out a series of 3 strikes. The second strike knocks up enemies and the third strike releases a wave of dark soul that puts enemies in fear.


You only need one of the three – MMOItems, MMOCore, OR MythicCrucible to make the pack work. You don’t need all of them.


Dependencies: MythicMobs, ModelEngine

Tested on version 1.19.4, MythicMobs (5.3.5), MMOItems (6.9.4), MythicLib (1.6.1), MythicCrucible (1.6.0), MMOCore (1.12), ModelEngine (R3.1.8), Resource pack included