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RPG Village: Pack #1

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This pack contains over 40 unique assets, and over 150 total assets to easily add flavor to your Minecraft villages! Thanks to the modularity of custom blocks, by utilizing invisible item frames, you can add life to your village like never before, with props like the Cauldrons, Carts, and large variety of food crates and options!

3D Assets:
– 43 Unique Custom 3D Models
– 199 Total Custom 3D Models
– Every Wood Color, including Crimson and Warped
– 10 Food Types
– Modular Table

– Resource Pack – 320kb Compressed
– Items Adder DRAG & DROP Compatibility
– Oraxen DRAG & DROP Compatibility
– Crucible DRAG & DROP Compatibility
– World Map – with Pre-Placed Item Models

– 32x Stylised Textures by Filmjolk
– Animated Textures for Golden Apples
– Animated Textures for the Cauldron Liquids Extras: