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Celestial Gods and Demons Pack by Rizaan

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Grab this amazing custom collection of RPG Cosmetics!. This pack contains the ensembles of the Celestial Gods and Demons that will make you look out of this world!

Compatible with the Backpack Cosmetics Plugin.


✅ Celestial God Complete Set

✅ Celestial God Helmet Cosmetic

✅ Celestial God Shoulderpad Cosmetic

✅ Celestial God Back Cosmetic

✅ Celestial God Shoulderpad and Back Cosmetic Combo

✅ Celestial Demon Complete Set

✅ Celestial Demon Helmet Cosmetic

✅ Celestial Demon Shoulderpad Cosmetic

✅ Celestial Demon Back Cosmetic

✅ Celestial Demon Shoulderpad and Back Cosmetic Combo

File types and compatibility:

Java Compatible!

Can be used in alternative file forms and uses if exported differently from within Blockbench

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