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Scythes Pack


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Great looking scythes, that’s all you need.

Included (14 items total):

  • Blue Dragon Scythe
  • Corrupted Scythe
  • Dragon Scythe
  • Fire Scythe
  • Fireball Scythe
  • Golden Scythe
  • Iceball Scythe
  • Leaf Scythe
  • Phosphorus Scythe
  • Poison Scythe
  • Raven Scythe
  • Red Scythe
  • Redfeather Scythe
  • Water Scythe

Build in the background is not included with purchase, they serve only for showcase purposes
Set is also compatible with many other plugins

you’ll receive a .zip with:

Configurations included Also included
ItemsAdder Usage guide + installation
Oraxen Raw files (in resourcepack)