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Sled Mountain Pack


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This pack includes:

  • Sleds (1 of each wood variant, including 1.19’s Mangrove!)
    Sleds are fully mountable and controllable using MythicMobs + ModelEngine. Please note this pack required MythicMobs + ModelEngine to function properly!
  • 2D Sled Sprites (used for Crucible Configuration)
  • Winter Tree (3 blocks tall)
  • Big Winter Tree (5 blocks tall)
  • Decorated Winter Tree (3 blocks tall)
  • Winter Log
  • Gift (Dyeable)

This pack also includes:

  • MythicMobs Configuration
  • MythicItems/Crucible Configuration (right-click the sled item to place a sled in front of you!)
  • ModelEngine Configuration
  • ItemsAdder Configuration
  • Oraxen Configuration
  • Source Files

Please note, even with Oraxen/ItemsAdder, you will at minimum need MythicMobs and ModelEngine to display & use the sleds properly.