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Steel Raider Boss


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MCModels Exclusive!

Steel Raider Content:

  • Steel Raider
    • 3 SKILLS
    • Parry Blocking
    • Intuitive AI

Both of the Bosses Items can be used by YOU! (YOU WILL NEED MYTHICCRUCIBLE)

  • Raider Shield (Shield Knock)
  • Raider Hammer (Heavy Attack and Air Smash)

Included Configurations:

  • MythicMobs
  • MythicCrucible (To use the skills attached to the items)
  • Resourcepack (Works on 1.19.3)

Also In the Pack:

  • Native Raw BBModels
  • ReadME on how to install/use this pack

Disclaimer: All items will work with, or without Optifine.