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The Gargoyle King


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The Gargoyle King boss mutates into 3 forms during battle – Stone, Nether, and Ender. The boss uses different kinds of skills in each form, making it confusing to fight aginst.

This pack contains:

  • The Gargoyle King (Boss): 11 animations. Comes with a total of 3 forms (Stone, Nether, Ender), and 11 skills.
  • MythicMobs config
  • 10 custom sound effects
  • Resource pack


  • Mutation (Form Change)

The Gargoyle King constantly mutates himself into different forms regardless of his health.

Stone Form:

  • Sweep Attack
  • Gargoyle Charge
  • Grab and Drop

In Stone form, it’s easier to attack the boss but he charges at players when they get far away from him. Often times, the boss tries to grab his target, fly high up, and drop them to the ground.

Nether Form:

  • Inferno Attack
  • Explosive Fireball
  • Nether Smash

In Nether form, the boss backs away to shoot flaming projectiles which explodes on hit. The boss also smashes the surface with his body, setting the surface and nearby players on fire. The melee attacks set players on fire in nether form.

Ender Form:

  • Ender Attack
  • Teleport
  • Multi-Teleport
  • Ender Blast

In Ender form, the boss gets really difficult to attack. He teleports around the target constantly and sometimes performs a multi-teleport skill, making it almost impossible to hit him. He sometimes creates an ender blast that blinds nearby players. The boss’ melee attacks slow targets in ender form.

Dependencies: ModelEngine, MythicMobs

Tested on version 1.18.2, ModelEngine (r2.5.2), MythicMobs (5.1.0-SNAPSHOT), Resource pack included