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Voyage of the Seas Battleship

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Command the terror of the seas, a whooping 9 seat ship of the line is here for you to rule the Minecraft oceans!

This pack contains :

  • Ship of the line model
  • All projectiles and explosions models
  • Several animated flags for you to customize your ship
  • Cargo models
  • Custom sound effects
  • All controller models and repair kits for ship
  • Fully NPC driven ships to fight as bosses


  • Made for Modelengine 4
  • 1 driver and 8 cannoneer seats to shred your enemies
  • 3 cargo chests to fill with your items, they float when ship is destroyed
  • You can comfortably walk on deck while the ship is standing still
  • Ramming mechanic, damages both ships
  • Easy flag customization, 3 nations and 1 pirate flag choice
  • Classic ship control as you know it from default VOTS and reload cannons
  • 3 Repair kit sizes for your convenience
  • Enabled critical hits on ships that display larger explosion
  • Well optimized
  • NPC’s with clever AI which you can spawn on your seas to chase your players


  • Mythicmobs premium
  • Libs disguises (for NPCs, optional)
  • Modelengine 4
  • Crucible
  • 1.19.4 Java or higher
  • MCpets (optional)