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Bog Witch Bundle (Mini-Boss + Items + Pet)

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This pack includes uniquely named and properly organized ItemsAdder, ModelEngine, MythicMobs, MCPets, and Vanilla Resource Pack files for easy drag/drop installation! This also includes standard JSON + PNG files for your own installation!

Cackles horrendously

The Bog Witch Bundle is a great mini-boss set to add over 15 vanilla-faithful custom items to your server, along with a new boss and pet!

Included in this pack are (scroll down to view Sketchfabs):

  • Bog Witch Boss (with vanilla sfx)

    • Poison missile attacks

    • Fire missile attacks

    • Spell barrage attack (when below health threshold)

    • Minion summoning ability (when below health threshold)

    • Chance to teleport nearby and slightly heal when taking damage

  • Skull Minion (with vanilla sfx)

    • Includes MCPets configuration

    • Summoned when prompted by the Witch

    • Has 4 attack animations

  • Drop Table / Custom Items Provided

    • Bog Witch Spawn Egg (Witch’s Stew)

    • Bog Witch Hat

    • Bog Witch Staff

    • Minion Skull Unlock

    • 12 Custom Potion Textures

This includes a fully custom ItemsAdder configuration, including item abilities and attributes, and potion effects/durations. No Optifine Required.

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