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Hatsuya's Birch Update

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Included in this pack:

Hatsuya’s Birch Update (16 total models)

  • New Birch Log Texture

  • New Birch Biome Colormap

  • New Birch Leaves Color Texture

  • Small Grass

  • Tree Mushrooms (3 variants)

  • Ground Stones (3 variants)

  • Log Moss

  • Fallen Birch Log

  • White Sunshine (New Flower Type)

  • Day Sparkle (New Flower Type) (3 Variants)

  • Purple Shine (New Flower Type)

There are not config files for a specific plugin but it should be compatible with Oraxen, Crucible, ItemsAdder, and more!

As always, support is available in discord!

Items and Armor work with or without optifine.

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