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The Lovers I Samurai Boss

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We present our most ambitious project, a special bossfight for Valentine's Day.

Get ready to battle against Samurai Hanashiguro and his deceased wife.

The fight will consist of 3 phases with unique and challenging attacks. All attacks can be dodged or blocked, although your shield will not come out unscathed.

We wanted to capture the gameplay of acclaimed titles praised for their difficulty.

This pack includes nothing less than 14 models, +1300 lines of code, a total of +50 animations, and 40 attacks.

It is absolutely necessary to have Modelengine and Mythicmobs to make use of this pack. It has been tested on version 1.20.2; compatibility with other versions is not guaranteed.

This boss is really special for us, so we have decided to pose a Challenge to those brave enough to try it. From the Minecraft Garage team, we challenge you to achieve a NoHit against this boss with all its phases in one go and record it. The first person to do so and submit it to our Official Discord will be rewarded with an 80% discount coupon for our store.

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