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Minimal Style Hud

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Minimal Style Hud

- Display the values x, y, z at the top left.
- Show the money amount.
- Show the gem amount (can be opened by typing the command /happyhud layout <player> add minimal-layout-buttom-gem).
- Show the exp bar at the bottom.
- Show the defense bar.
- Show the oxygen bar for diving.
- Show the health bar with buffs:
- Absorption
- Poison
- Wither
- Regeneration
- Show the food bar with buffs.
- Durability display system divided by color with an inner bar showing durability:
- Black frame 0%
- Red 25%
- Orange 50%
- Green 99%
- White 100%

Important plugins to install:
- Itemsadder or Oraxen
- HappyHud
- PlaceholderAPI

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