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Simple Spellbook

Product information



This pack includes:

✧ 6 vanilla-styled items with their own crafting recipes!

  • Spellbook Table

    • Custom enhancement for spellbook with damage per enhance level

  • Spellbook

    • Fire Spellbook

    • Water Spellbook

    • Earth Spellbook

    • Air Spellbook

  • Fire Essence

  • Water Essence

  • Earth Essence

  • Air Essence

✧ + Enchanted essences for max level enhancements (looks the same as the four element essences but enchanted form) [Admin Item]

✧ Sound Effects, Particles Effects and Model Effects for spellbook

✧ Easy Configuration (MinEnchant, MaxEnchant, BaseDamage)

Files [Drag & Drop!]:

  • MythicMobs + MythicCrucible 2.0

  • ModelEngine 4


Recommend using Premium MythicMobs!
Non-Premium works too but op players will receive a lot of command feedbacks.

Feel free to contact me if there's a problem! :]

Discord: contentino

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