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Fantasy SkyGen SkyPvP Map + 50 ISLANDS

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The map is suitable for Skygen, Skyblock, SkyBox and many more!

Buying this map you get a full spawn scheme and 50 flying islands. The spawn point is located at x: 0, y: 73, z: 0,

Schematic is compatible with versions 1.16.5 to 1.20.x The world file is compatible with version 1.18.2

Size: 600 blocks x 350 blocks

Features on map: SpawnPoint Portal Nether 10 places for NPCs on the spawn 3 places for creates

3D preview of the map and screenshots can be found here:


More images: https://imgur.com/a/sSTmRqQ

Remember to use the shift key while using the 3D preview.

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