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Hats Expansion

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Spice up your server with some hats!

This resource includes:
▸ Adventurer hat (dyeable)
▸ Amongus head (dyeable)
▸ Baseball cap (dyeable)
▸ Frog hat (dyeable)
▸ Sensei (dyeable)
▸ UFO (dyeable)
▸ Axolotl hat (dyeable)
▸ Jellyfish hat (dyeable)
▸ TV head (dyeable)
▸ Cardboard box
▸ Fedora (dyeable)
▸ Sombrero (dyeable)
▸ Hard hat
▸ Straw hat (dyeable)

This pack also includes:
▸ Oraxen configuration
▸ ItemsAdder configuration
▸ MagicCosmetics configuration
▸ CosmeticsCore configuration
▸ Raw files (.png, .json, .bbmodel)

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