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Summer Pack v2 (Tools & Crates)

Product information



Summer Cosmetics Content:

x1 Carrot Top Pickaxe

x1 Octo Arm

x1 Racquet Axe

x1 Rollerblade Hoe

x1 Scaptula

x1 Shark Sword

x1 Summertime Bow

x1 Summertime Shield

x1 Umbrella Sword

x1 Watergun Fishing Rod

x1 Summertime Crown + Summertime Armor Set

x3 Crates (Picnic, Shark, Treasure)

Included Configurations:

Raw Files

Vanilla Resource pack

ItemsAdder Configuration

Oraxen Configuration

ModelEngine Files

Also In the Pack:

ReadME on how to install

Additional details

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