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MCPets – Starter Pack

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This pack includes :

✅ Pikachu :

  • 5 animations (idle, walk, despawn, interaction and passive movement)
  • A custom despawn animation (jumps in the air and disappears in a cute cloud)

✅ Penguin :

  • 4 animations (idle, walk, despawn, interaction)
  • A custom despawn animation (slides on ice then disappears in a snow puff)

✅ Sleepy reaper :

  • 4 animations (idle, walk, despawn, attack)
  • The reaper protects you from nearby hostiles mob by attacking them

🌟 All mobs have sound effects for every attack they cast  and ambient sounds which are made from Vanilla Minecraft with editing on pitch.

This pack requires ModelEngineMythicMobs, and MCPets.

Tested with MythicMobs 5.0.0, MCPets r1.0.0 & r1.0.6, with spigot 1.17. Versions of spigot may impact sound effects if they are not implemented in the game version you are playing on.

Any issue/questions on this pack can be addressed to me on the discord of MCModels using the ticket system.