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Also Try Terraria! Solar Tools Set

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Solar Tools Set in RPG Style Minecraft models inspired by Terraria.

Were modeled as a weapons and tools for Minecraft (tested on 1.16 version).
Resourcepack included.
No OptiFine required.
No dependencies required.

Set includes:

  • Pickaxe;
  • Shovel;
  • Hoe;
  • Fishing Rod;
  • 2 Shields;
  • Sword;
  • Axe;
  • Bow.

How to get the items ingame?:
While using resourcepack, type:
/give Akaleaf diamond_sword{CustomModelData:2201} – giving player Akaleaf Solar Sword with characteristics of a diamond sword;
/give @r shield{CustomModelData:2201} – giving to a nearest player Solar Shield (2201 in command can be also 2202 for getting the second variation of Solar Shield).
Also try diamond_pickaxe, diamond_shovel, diamond_hoe, bow, fishing_rod.