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Nebula Tools Set in RPG Style Minecraft models inspired by Terraria.

They were modeled as weapons and tools for Minecraft (tested on the 1.16 version).
Resourcepack included.
No OptiFine is required.
No dependencies are required.

Set includes:

  • Sword;

  • Shield;

  • Crossbow;

  • Bow;

  • Pickaxe;

  • Axe;

  • Hoe;

  • Shovel;

  • Staff;

  • Glove.

How to get the items ingame?:
While using resourcepack, type:
/give <player name> <item identifier>{CustomModelData:<custom_model_data value>}
/give Akaleaf stick{CustomModelData:2302} – gives player Akaleaf a stick with Nebula Blaze model;
/give @p shield{CustomModelData:2301} – gives to the nearest player shield with Nebula Shield model.
Also try stick, bow, crossbow, shield, diamond_sword, diamond_axe, diamond_pickaxe, diamond_shovel, diamond_hoe, and other materials.

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