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Archaeology Expansion

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Excavate the earth for rare resources, craft Ancient tools and decorations, and fight the Fossil Mobs that try to get in your way! Included: (Resource Pack 1.19.3 Compatible)

  • 5 Custom Mobs (Tameable – MCPets configs included)
  • 12 Furniture Models (Crucible furniture configs included)
  • 6 Archaeologist Tools, used to gather new crafting materials and spawn/tame fossil mobs
  • 4 Custom ancient tools (Ruby Pickaxe, Amber Fishing Rod, Obsidian Axe, Amber Mosquito Sword)
  • 9 New crafting materials


  • Model Engine 3
  • Mythic Mobs (Latest Dev Build)
  • Mythic Crucible (Latest Dev Build)
  • MCPets