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Ender Dragon Set

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These tools and armor are made from Dragon Scales and crystallized Dragon’s Breath, tough enough to destroy any enemy in your path, and hard enough to mine the toughest materials.

This pack contains an Armor only, Tools only, and a combo of Armor + Tools that you can pick and choose from:

Armor Set: (Includes sprites, armor textures, and core shader implementation)

  1. Ender Dragon Helmet

  2. Ender Dragon Chestplate

  3. Ender Dragon Leggings

  4. Ender Dragon Boots

Tools Set: (All tools have animated pulsing and dragons breath particle textures)

  1. Ender Dragon Axe

  2. Ender Dragon Pickaxe

  3. Ender Dragon Shovel

  4. Ender Dragon Hoe

  5. Ender Dragon Fishing Rod (includes default and cast models)

  6. Ender Dragon Shield (includes default and blocking models)

  7. Ender Dragon Sword

  8. Ender Dragon Bow (includes default and arrow pulling animation models)

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